Tales From a Haunted Life

by Joseph Barnett and Jane Congdon
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The Count, My Mother and Me
by Jane Congdon
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Do you believe in ghosts? Neither did Joseph Barnett until the winter he took a new job and was confronted with a series of bizarre and terrifying occurrences. But it wasn’t just the ghosts of the graveyard shift that haunted him.

“I loved Mr. Joe! I could sense the pain as well as the wisdom. This is wonderful work.” —Laurie Butts, writing teacher, Ohio

“Thrilling, thoughtful, elegantly told. So much more than a ghost story.” —Cyrus Webb, Editor-in-Chief, Conversations Book Club

“This is truly inspirational work, a very special book—a gift to any reader.” —Diane Bruno, CISION Media

“A lifelong crush on evil’s dignified face can lead to a unique sort of soul searching. It Started with Dracula: The Count, My Mother, and Me is a humorous and touching memoir, very much recommended.”
—The Midwest Book Review, April 2012

"A touching memoir filled with hope, forgiveness, and the audacity to follow your dreams." —Michael Knost, Bram Stoker Award-winning author and editor

"I thoroughly enjoyed It Started with Dracula and plan to recommend it in our newsletter, The Borgo Post."—Dr. Elizabeth Miller, President, Transylvanian Society of Dracula, Canadian Chapter (

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