ABOUT Jane Barnett Congdon

Jane Congdon has been an English teacher, a journalist, and a book editor. In her publishing career, she worked with textbook authors and traveled around the United States speaking to groups of business educators.

Jane grew up in Glen Ferris, a small town in the mountains of West Virginia. She is a graduate of Concord University in Athens, West Virginia; a member of West Virginia Writers, Inc.; and a veteran of writing workshops including The Artist’s Way, the Split Rock Arts Program at the University of Minnesota, and the October Writing Festival at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

Jane lives near Cincinnati, Ohio. A member of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, she likes vampires and bats—the artificial kind.


ABOUT Joseph Barnett

Joseph Barnett grew up in Glen Ferris, West Virginia. He attended West Virginia University and in 1970 settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he still lives near his two sons and several grandchildren. Joe is a member of West Virginia Writers, Inc.