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It Started with Dracula: The Count, My Mother, and Me

As a young girl, Jane Congdon loved movies about Dracula. They ignited a dream in her to see the castles and forests of Transylvania, but first she had to face the monster that lurked in her very own house—a mother whose thirst was more frightening than a vampire’s.

It Started with Dracula is Jane’s spellbinding tale of finally taking the trip of her childhood dreams to the land of Dracula. Her journey to a country that reminded her of home unleashed childhood memories and triggered an inner journey that was completely unexpected.

Through the prism of Dracula's legend and the Transylvanian countryside, Jane connects with the girl she had been and puts her childhood into perspective. Along the way, she sees her mother in a new light and learns to heal the wounds of her past. It Started with Dracula is a story of expectations and surprises; survival, forgiveness, and hope.

About the Author
"I hadn't intended to write about my childhood, or even spend five minutes thinking about it. All I wanted was to see the land of Dracula, to find out what it was really like."

With that single purpose in mind, Jane Congdon set out alone for Bucharest, Romania, at age 59. Myth met reality as she toured the villages and castles of Dracula's homeland with a guide. What she didn’t expect was an inner journey through her own past.


"I thoroughly enjoyed It Started with Dracula and plan to recommend it in our newsletter, The Borgo Post."—Dr. Elizabeth Miller, President, Transylvanian Society of Dracula, Canadian Chapter (

"A touching memoir filled with hope, forgiveness, and the audacity to follow your dreams." — Michael Knost, Bram Stoker Award-winning author and editor

“Dracula fans will love the movie references and devour the adventures of one of their own in Romania.”—C. Dean Andersson, author of I Am Dracula

"Stunning! An elegant memoir of discovery, of dark secrets dragged into the light." —Catherine Watson, Lowell Thomas Award-winning travel editor and author

"As a Romanian who grew up in Transylvania, I was fascinated by this story and the idea that someone wanted so badly to see my country when I only wanted to leave it. We weren’t so different after all; both of us had to escape our own nightmares, and both of us followed our dreams. I loved the story and especially appreciated the intricate description of the beautiful Romanian countryside."—Aura Imbarus, author, Out of the Transylvania Night

"I love this book for many reasons, but as an editor I especially appreciate the structure—the brilliant interweaving of stories and locations. This is a beautiful book."—Mary C. Noschang, Editor-in-Chief, Peter Li Education Group

"This is a perfect book club selection! Our group had some great discussions about travel, relationships, and even the supernatural."—Karen Caldwell, Fabulous Book Babes, Mason, Ohio

"Compelling and inspirational! I never tire of the message that hope and forgiveness are possible--even after many years."—Sharrie Williams, author of The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It

"Dracula is a metaphor for the author’s past as she confronts the dark forces that have shaped her life. Brilliant!"—June Sarpong, MTV Host